"Spring Fever" is an installation executed in a 1903 Colonial Revival style house as part of an group exhibition, Circadian Rhythm, organized by URSA Gallery and Colorblends in Bridgeport, CT. This installation is a unique opportunity to place work in an architectural space that has resonance with my explorations of the intertwined histories of pharmaceuticals and color, particularly regarding the beginnings of Modernism. My paintings echo Impressionist works that might have been hung in a house of this style at the time of its building.

I created a patterned installation of Tyvek "wallpaper" printed with patterns of 6 pharmaceuticals - Addyi, Estrogen, Mifepristone, Misoprostol, Testosterone, and Viagra - all drugs at the center of this contemporary moment of violent and dangerous attacks on the politics of sex, gender, transgender rights, and reproduction. Spring, a time of renewal, reproduction, and heightened sexual activity, instead is currently a moment of precarity and violence.

On top of the wallpaper, I installed a series of recent paintings and older wall sculptures from my Perfect Lovers series of readymade clocks. These works engage with the embodied politics of pharmaceuticals and the omnipresence of invisible but powerful molecules in the lives of most humans.