Science For a Better Life was a commissioned solo installation for City Wide Open Studios in New Haven, CT in October 2018. Held at Yale University’s West Campus, which is the site of a former Bayer Pharmaceutical production, research, and administrative facility, it was the perfect location to connect with my longtime interest in chemical histories, especially the intertwined paths of paint and pharmaceuticals. In a 2,400 square foot space I created a series of paintings, sculptures, and videos. Paintings were oil and acrylics mixed with products and chemicals from Bayer (such as Aspirin, Claritin, Coppertone sunscreen, and Roundup weedkiller); sculptures utilized leftover office furniture and used expanding foam (also a Bayer invention) mixed with pigments; and videos combined appropriated corporate materials and shot footage to weave a narrative of the scope of Bayer and its effects upon the body. Below are a few installation images, a walkthrough video, and the videos shown on monitors in the exhibition.