"up down strange charm bottom top" was a proposed exhibition and event to be held inside the deactivated particle accelerator at the Wright Laboratory, at Yale University, in the Spring of 2015. The particle accelerator was to be dismantled and the space reconfigured, presenting a unique opportunity to utilize an unusual and powerful space, one that few get to see inside of, and that had, to me, associations of caves and early cave art. Through the generous support of The Franke Program in Science and the Humanities at Yale University, funding was secured and a list of remarkable, engaging artists was in the process of being assembled. Alas, construction schedule issues and safety concerns resulted in the curatorial project falling apart. Without access to the accelerator itself and to the surrounding space, the specificity of the project did not work as well, and the project was abandoned. Many thanks to the helpful individuals at the Wright Lab, Franke Program, and especially the participating artists, who gave substantial time and efforts despite the exhibition not coming to fruition.

Artists that I was in talks with to participate in the exhibition include but were not limited to: Joshua Abelow, Jonathan Brand, Elizabeth Ferry, Kenneth Goldsmith, Lina Viste Grønli, Alex Hubbard, Dawn Kasper, David Livingston, Leeza Meksin, Christopher Michlig, Jeff Ostergren, Travis Leroy Southwith, Jesse Sugarman, Paul Theriault, Siebren Versteeg, Lance Wakeling, and Jennifer West