The WikiVideo series creates a simple juxtaposition: video shot by myself, typically on lower resolution cameraphones or digital cameras, are overlaid with audio that is a reading directly from a Wikipedia page of various subjects. The text is thus informative but of course its content is subject to the Wiki process-- produced by multiple, sometimes anonymous individuals; often with massive gaps of information; of questionable accuracy; and constantly subject to change, such that the text that is recorded today may be different from that of tomorrow. The mechanical voice of the text-recognition software produces a curious distancing as well; more personal than a robot, but less so even than a vocoder voiceover, it suggests both the humanness and anonymity of the Wiki process, but also the excess of image production. Ultimately the project moves towards a point of Wiki-Art -- the artist need no longer be present because with a series of algorithms, a variety of works can be created from what is already extant in the world, an endless loop of multiple appropriations and references.

WikiVideo (Accursed Share)

Single Channel Digital Video, 4:35, 2012

WikiVideo (Freebies)

Single Channel Digital Video, 10:31, 2012

WikiVideo (Cathexis)

Single Channel Digital Video, 1:49, 2012

WikiVideo (M.T.O.M.)

Single Channel Digital Video, 4:21, 2012

WikiVideo (The Solar Anus)

Single Channel Digital Video, 1:18, 2012

Wikivideo (Investment/Dismbiguation)

Single Channel Digital Video, 1:15, 2013

WikiVideo (Economics)

Single Channel Digital Video, 2:47, 2012

WikiVideo (Accursed Share/French)

Three Channel Video Installation, 4:41, 2012