The “Perfect Lovers” works are an homage to the Felix Gonzalez-Torres piece. The relationship of drugs and time are profound - drugs can often alter our sense of time, and much pharmaceutical advertising capitalizes on the maximizing of our use of time and productivity. Like the original Gonzalez-Torres work, the clocks are set at the same time, but due to the cheap, promotional-giveaway quality, often fall out of sync quickly. The Viagra clocks play off the creation of a time-based operation of sexuality - allowing the user to operate sexually for a period of time "on demand". It comes with the oft-mocked advertising warning of "an erection lasting longer than four hours" which requires medical intervention. On the other hand, the Ambien clocks focus on the emphasis on sleep; again, on-demand, to maximize our productivity. Some clocks are presenting purely as readymades, other altered.