"Izer" is a suffix, which is, according to Wikipedia, "used to form nouns which are formed from verbs from nouns or adjectives, the final nouns having the sense of 'the agent which makes what is denoted by the noun/adjective.'" Starting with a particular interest in the rapid proliferation of usage of hand sanitizer over the past decade, I utilize various materials that are meant to block or stop molecular transmission, such as hand sanitizer, rubber gloves, or masks. These forms can echo the standalone hand sanitizer stations that often appear in public spaces, or can be more compact, abstract forms on the wall or floor. Further works adopt the concept of methylation, a relatively recent scientific interpretation in which it seems possible that every molecule consumed, experience, or even the passage of time contributes to a slight but constant altering of our dna which can be passed on in the future.  Methylyzers, playing off a pun with "breathylyzer" (a test to determine alcohol levels), are largely abstract sculptures with tubes, spouts, inputs, and outputs, serve as physical reminders of the processes of consumption, intoxication, excretion, and monitoring.