ATM combines audio from pornography and moving images stripped from appropriated television commercials of food. Production, consumption, and marketing of food, particularly in the United States and other Westernized countries, constantly accelerates and swings between corporate consistency to locavore particularity. Our food consumption and waste becomes more obscene than actual pornography. The commercials themselves evoke pornographic styles of filming - squirting money shots of liquids, close-ups, often ecstatic noises of pleasure. The quality of the appropriated footage itself varies just as does the pornography flooding the internet -- from retro and amateur to high definition and professional. ATM is tastefully abbreviated acronym for a porn act/genre meaning "Ass to Mouth". The obvious fetishization of degradation but also "bad" hygiene is both amusing and culturally telling, inverting our obsessions with cleanliness. The juxtaposition of the verbal cues in the audio with food images also creates a reversal (food goes from mouth to ass, generally). The term also doubles as our shorthand for Automatic Teller Machines, or where we withdraw cash. This is part of a series with different soundtracks -- straight, gay, and lesbian porn -- for different videos.

ATM (excerpt)

Single Channel Digital Video, 15:24, 2012